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Gabriela De La Noce

Gabriela has a good understanding of how the wedding production market operates as that’s what she was doing for five years back in Brazil.At mnm, Gabriela is developing her business in this field and lifestyle entrepreneurship in her case means also the freedom of working with people she likes:

Paulina Elzbieta Malysz

Paulina the tattoo artist. As long I can remember I was into body art, body piercings, and stuff like that.These are the stories of my life, my personality, my behavior, and this is who I am. I've never regretted any of my inks because I'm always 100% sure what exactly I want.

Andreas Carlstedt

My tattoos are mostly memories of the period of time I did them, for me a tattoo is a celebration of something happening in life. Im developing an Ocean awareness T-shirt brand at the mnm institute. Connecting passion and business, that's what we do ;) Stay tuned we'll soon be filming a video with Andreas. [template [...]

Alexis Nillson

“I want to create some jobs in Africa, invest in businesses, invest in people and their personal development.  The reason I want to do it over there is because I could have been born there. I’m the first one in my family who was born in France. I feel that Africa needs help more than any […]