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We will give You all the tools, strategies, information, support and advice to turn your passion from a dream into a business reality.

Do you find it difficult to focus, knowing that you want more from your life? Knowing that deep down you can achieve more than a dull, average 9 to 5 life. Do you doubt yourself and lack the confidence to take the leap into making your own business dreams a reality?

You’ve sat through numerous boring meetings, suffered a stream of never-ending mundane emails and feel distraught that you aren’t achieving the things you really want in life. You’re unable to focus as your mind escapes to your ‘happy place’…..

The place where you can work when, where and how you want. No boss breathing down your neck, just YOU making it happen. Maybe you also dream of building something that you are truly proud of, rather than simply making it through the week and chasing that Friday feeling.

If that sounds like you, prepare yourself because we are about to tell you something you know is true, you CAN achieve your business dreams. You can make it happen. You are absolutely 100% capable. There has never been a better time to break free from your old life and start making your passions work for you. It’s time for a lifestyle shift and time to work on your goals, not making someone else money.

Did you get inspired? Or interested? Then join our fully immersive 12-Week mnm Bootcamp! It will leave you the skills and knowledge you need to take on the world.


Defining your ideal lifestyle should be the start of your journey.

When you know your strengths, your values and your priorities, the places where you want to be and the people you want to see, you know what you can bring to the world that you do better than anyone else. Challenge your assumptions and focus on your aspirations to define your vision.

Engage in brainstorms to find out how you can have a positive impact on the world and make a living doing what you love.


Designing a brand identity, logo and, web to promote your brand.

Your brand is your way of communicating to the world what your product stands for and your way to be different from the competition. If you want your brand to succeed and thrive in the future, you need to build a brand identity that accurately conveys everything that you stand for.

To build your brand we’ll take you through tried and tested steps resulting in an intimate understanding of your brand. We’ll focus specifically on the visual elements of your brand identity as well as helping you develop your logo and overarching brand strategy.


Focus on content that will benefit your business.

Create engaging content and learn advertising tactics that work. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google Adwords… Let us help you to tell your story on the major digital platforms.

We cover everything from tools for content creation to specific proven tactics that will help you to find not only new followers, but the new customers.
What content types will help you to grow your social media quickly? What are the nuances of Facebook Ads and how to test and scale them? How to set up your e-mail marketing automation?
This is your fast lane to becoming a social media expert.



We’ll help you plan your finances, create your startup budget and turn your brand into a business. Get ready to pitch to investors if necessary.  

It’s important at this early stage that you establish your ROI and crunch the numbers with our innovative risk management plan.
You’ll learn the basics of business accounting and walk out with useful spreadsheet formulas and to forecast the financial performance of your new venture. Finally, we will also help you craft a perfect pitch so your plan will be clear to potential investors and you can raise money easier.

Final Pitch

Learn how you can create a pitch deck that grabs attention and convinces investors to help fund your great idea.

To fully understand the full schedule please check out the timetable below.




November 2021

As a world class startup educator we know what it takes for the next generation of entrepreneurs to succeed.

StartUp Network

When you’re an entrepreneur it is priceless to be connected with others like you. People walking the same path, sharing the same challenges. Networking is a true investment in your business and if you are well connected, you will find what you need at your fingertips.

Business Opportunities

Learn about quick and affordable ways to grow your brand. Choosing the best growth strategy for your startup can be tricky but we will show you how to transform your ideas into profitable business opportunities.

Guidance / Assistance

Mentors have gone ahead of you in their journey, they have experienced the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. Your chance of success increases with getting access to the business knowledge and guidance of our experienced professionals.

You’ll leave armed with a ‘straight to market’ strategy plus we’ll help you build the confidence you need to take the leap.

In today’s rapidly changing world, the ability to adapt to changes and seize new opportunities is more important than ever.

This Powerful Entrepreneurship Programme will enable you to become an innovative leader and you will learn how to identify new ideas and opportunities, turn them into a working business, sustain competitive advantage, and strategically grow your own brand.

You will have a unique opportunity to hone your entrepreneurial skills and perspectives by spending 4 weeks learning how to turn your vision into reality following our practice-based accelerated learning model.

Get an edge for your venture and find the essential skills, knowledge, and tools to get noticed in a highly competitive start-up ecosystem.

On the successful completion of the program, participants are entitled to receive a formal transcript verifying the competencies achieved for the following subjects.

Unit credit to BSB42415 Certificate IV

BSBCRT401 Articulate, present and debate ideas
BSBMKG418Develop and apply knowledge of the marketing and communication industry.
BSBCMM401Make a presentation

Unit credit to BSB52415 Diploma of Marketing and Communication

BSBCRT501 Originate and develop concepts
BSBLDR513 Communicate with influence
BSBMKG502 Establish and adjust the Marketing mix
BSBMKG510 Plan e-marketing communications
BSBMKG527 Plan social media engagement
BSBFIM501 Manage budgets and financial plan

mnm institute – CRICOS Provider Code 03350J NVR RTO 40661 ACN 150 105 721

mnm showed me the meaning of passionate entrepreneurship. I learned that life should be exciting and fun. With the right mindset and understanding…



mnm has supported my entrepreneurial dreams in Sydney. I’m learning business & marketing from top-tier mentors in an enriching environment…



mnm helped me to take my project and vision to another level. Studying here and passing through all the subjects gave me perspective about all the…



When I arrive in Australia I was looking really for sense of purpose, I want to build something for the future. When I joined mnm it was really great…


Lekker Tucker

It has been a fabulous journey being part of mnm institute, a safe and rich environment to turn ideas into startups. Our venture Rewildin was born at mnm…



mnm was the first educational place that I felt I was seen an individual, believing that I will find what I want to create in life, based on my passion and purpose..



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