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Analyse consumer behaviour BSBMKG419


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This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to research, analyse and apply knowledge within the marketing communication industry with due consideration to legal and ethical constraints and the digital communication convergent environment.

It applies to individuals who work in entry-level positions with a general knowledge of the structure, organisation and function of the marketing communication industry. Individuals in this role may provide limited leadership and guidance to others.

No licensing, legislative, regulatory or certification requirements apply to this unit at the time of publication.

1.1 Gather information on market or market segment for a product or service in accordance with a marketing plan

1.2 Identify consumer attributes for market or market segment from market profile or existing customer data

1.3 Identify and test features of product or service in accordance with a marketing plan

2.1 Investigate consumer need for the product or service through analysis of trends and past performance

2.2 Review past marketing or positioning of product or service in relation to effectiveness of its focus of appeal

2.3 Assess, estimate and test impact of individual, social and lifestyle influences on consumer behaviour for a product or service

2.4 Analyse consumer responses to previous marketing communications

2.5 Review relevant data to determine consumer digital footprints, engagement journeys and expectations

2.6 Assess organisational capability to respond quickly to consumer demand for products or services in accordance with marketing plan

3.1 Ensure marketing strategies address innate and acquired needs of consumers and appeal to motives that influence decision-making

3.2 Present a rationale for focus of appeal that outlines how influences on consumer behaviour will be used to target effective marketing strategies

3.3 Clarify the role of the consumer in the digital marketing environment and model engagement conversations and interventions

3.4 Ensure focus of appeal meets legal and ethical obligations and budgetary requirements of marketing plan

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