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Develop and use emotional intelligence BSBLDR501


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This unit covers the development and use of emotional intelligence to increase self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management in the context of the workplace.

It includes identifying the impact of own emotions on others in the workplace, recognising and appreciating the emotional strengths and weaknesses of others, promoting the development of emotional intelligence in others and utilising emotional intelligence to maximise team outcomes.

It applies to managers who identify, analyse, synthesise and act on information from a range of sources and who deal with unpredictable problems. They use initiative and judgement to organise the work of self and others and plan, evaluate and co-ordinate the work of teams.

No licensing, legislative or certification requirements apply to this unit at the time of publication.

1.1 Identify own emotional strengths and weaknesses

1.2 Identify personal stressors and own emotional states related to the workplace

1.3 Develop awareness of own emotional triggers and use this awareness to enable control emotional responses

1.4 Model workplace behaviours that demonstrate management of emotions

1.5 Use self-reflection and feedback from others to improve development of own emotional intelligence

2.1 Respond to the emotional states of co-workers and assess emotional cues

2.2 Identify the range of cultural expressions of emotions and respond appropriately

2.3 Demonstrate flexibility and adaptability in dealing with others

2.4 Take into account the emotions of others when making decisions

3.1 Provide opportunities for others to express their thoughts and feelings

3.2 Assist others to understand the effect of their behaviour and emotions on others in the workplace

3.3 Encourage the self-management of emotions in others

3.4 Encourage others to develop their own emotional intelligence to build productive relationships and maximise workplace outcomes

4.1 Encourage a positive emotional climate in the workplace

4.2 Use the strengths of workgroup members to achieve workplace outcomes