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Protect and use brands and business identity BSBIPR403


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This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to research, analyse and apply knowledge within the marketing communication industry with due consideration to legal and ethical constraints and the digital communication convergent environment.

It applies to individuals who work in entry-level positions with a general knowledge of the structure, organisation and function of the marketing communication industry. Individuals in this role may provide limited leadership and guidance to others.

No licensing, legislative, regulatory or certification requirements apply to this unit at the time of publication.

1.1 Research what constitutes a registrable trademark in Australia

1.2 Identify the legislative requirements governing trademark protection

1.3 Identify other forms of trademark protection

1.4 Identify existing or potential trademarks within organisation or scope

1.5 Explore the benefits, costs and risks of trademark registration and other forms of trademark protection

1.6 Make recommendations to develop and use trademarks with commercialisation potential

2.1 Identify sources of information and advice regarding protection of brands and business identity

2.2 Evaluate the role of intellectual property professionals in the trademark application process

2.3 Search databases of existing registered and pending trademarks and investigate any use of unregistered trademarks to ensure the proposed trademark does not infringe on another party’s existing trademark

2.4 Identify processes required for lodging a successful trademark application

2.5 Identify process for international trademark registration

2.6 Participate in a trademark application and provide relevant information to the intellectual property professional for trademark application, if applicable

3.1 Identify and review organisational policies and procedures to protect and use the trademark correctly

3.2 Identify and establish processes to use own and others’ trademarks for business growth

3.3 Monitor the market for possible trademark infringements

3.4 Pursue appropriate measures to protect trademarks against infringements, if required, using appropriate professional advice

3.5 Ensure that procedures are followed to maintain the organisation’s trademarks including payment of renewal fees as required

3.6 Ensure all employees are aware of the importance to the organisation of the protection and proper use of trademarks, and implement training if required

3.7 Identify and review organisational policies and procedures to prevent infringement of others’ trademarks

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