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How to motivate yourself, deal with doubts, quickly validate your business idea and so much more.

InTheChair June 2016




Stephen Boorer started his first business in the early 80’s and he says it was a dismal failure but the rest of his career is based on this lesson learned. After several senior managerial roles he started his own, very successful consultancy business. He came from Brisbane to take part in one of our InTheChair sessions to give his talk to young entrepreneurs at mnm institute. Get inspired, motivated and also critical with his advice:




1. If you think, you already missed your opportunity

2. If you feel comfortable with security that your current job is providing you

3. If you aren’t really sure whether to go for it, or not

4. If you think, that you have a good business idea

5. If you’re still not confident enough

6. If you don’t know, how to explain your ambitious to other people

7. If you work on your business and feel overwhelmed

8. If you want to be a respected leader

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