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Are you doing some research about your next step in Australia as a student? Are you looking for a college where to learn and actually grow as a person and develop your own project idea? Are you tired of just throw your money away and wanting to get a real education experience? This workshop could be really really helpful for you.

Robert Schäfer, the founder of mnm institute, is running his famous “Don’t fake it Make it” workshop on Tuesday 9th of January.😮

Who is Robert Schäfer?

Born in Sydney, raised in Vienna, he took up managerial and leadership roles within multinationals, from Europe to Australia, creating several companies along the way. A qualified technical analyst, he was all set up for early retirement, but keener to mentor a new generation of enthusiast and socially responsible lifestyle entrepreneurs.

Robert’s inspiring workshop will take you through the essential process of rediscovering your values and aspirations to define your vision. 👀 It all starts with what you want to achieve and the impact you would like to have on the world.

You will get key advice to create a clear picture of your ideal lifestyle, and to find ways to make it a reality. Robert will notably give an introduction to the “Rainbow Map”, a tool to put your personal and professional priorities at the centre of your action plan for positive change.

He will then discuss the importance of self branding. To effectively promote yourself and your activity, your brand should accurately communicate who you are, what you do, and how you do it. Be true to yourself and your clients will trust you. No need to fight, cheat or betray. Standing for what you believe in will be your best competitive advantage over those who think they have to pretend. So… Don’t fake it. Make it.

More information about the college and all the programs we are running jump into www.mnminstitute.com

Further information at the FACEBOOK EVENT


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