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Robert Schäfer, the founder of mnm institute, is running his famous “Don’t fake it Make it” workshop on Thursday 28th March.

Who is Robert Schäfer?
Born in Sydney, raised in Vienna, he took up managerial and leadership roles within multinationals, from Europe to Australia, creating several companies along the way. A qualified technical analyst, he was all set up for early retirement, but keener to mentor a new generation of enthusiast and socially responsible lifestyle entrepreneurs.

Robert’s inspiring workshop will take you through the essential process of rediscovering your values and aspirations to define your vision. 👀 It all starts with what you want to achieve and the impact you would like to have on the world.

You will get key  advice to create a clear picture of your ideal lifestyle, and to find ways to make it a reality.
He will then discuss the importance of self branding. To effectively promote yourself and your activity, your brand should accurately communicate who you are, what you do, and how you do it.

So… Don’t fake it. Make it.


This is also the perfect opportunity to learn all about our 4 week bootcamp running in Sydney 29/04 and Thailand 02/06!

During our 4 week Bootcamp we will give you all the tools, strategies, information, support and advice to turn your passion from a dream into a business reality.We will help you build pitch deck that grabs the attention and convinces investors to help fund your great idea. Then at the final Pitch, you get the chance to win (AUD) $5,000 seed money to launch your startup!

More information about the college and all the programs we are running jump into www.mnminstitute.com




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