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Accelerator Program
It’s a twelve week program starting in January 2016 that will help you build a solid business plan which will allow you to launch your business, pitch for investment, government grants, bank loans and business visa applications.

How it works
Participants in the accelerator have to be ready for in-depth work into their business ideas and complete commitment to take their vision into the world of business. They will be provided with the tools and resources as well as coaching from guest business experts. The final four participants will pitch off for $5.000 at the end of the program.

How it’s different
The chosen businesses will exit the regular subjects to focus on the Accelerator Program for twelve weeks. During this time they will not be submitting their regular classroom work. They will be assessed on their business plan and pitching progress. This program will nor incur additional fees.

How do you get in
Pitch your business model canvas on Tuesday 17th November or Thursday 19 November.
We have 40 spots for the best business ideas.

Accelerate your business vision

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