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The right way to turn passion into profit.

“Should I do it?”

“Can I do it?”

“How do I do it?”

“Am I crazy?”

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These are questions which bombard the innovative minds every single day, at times it may even lead to sleepless nights, anxiety and even migraines. Almost everyone loves the idea of having a flexible lifestyle, loving what they do while reaping big profits; however how much do you know about making this happen? Or do you even believe that this is possible?

The internet has revolutionised how we all do business today, enough of the rush hour traffic trying to be at the location on time, we should all be able to build our businesses from anywhere in the world with a laptop, good Wi-Fi connection and maybe a cup of mocha to top it off; or maybe your passion is to open a book store? A café? Whatever it is that truly brings happiness and fulfilment tailored to the lifestyle you desire should be achievable; but how do we get there? How is it possible to build a business with such flexibility?

passion profit 5Take a moment and think about this, LIVING THE LIFE OF A LIFESTYLE ENTREPRENEUR; sounds pretty awesome doesn’t it? That is because it is! A lifestyle entrepreneur is one who is able to convert their passion into a successful business. Lifestyle entrepreneurship provides the opportunity for you to turn your ideas and mould it into profitable businesses by tapping into the power of your desire; however just like everything in life there is a right way and a wrong way to do things so how do we turn those unique ideas into fruitful businesses? It only requires four (4) simple stages, think of it as the 4C’s to success.

At MnM Institute we believe that your life is your message and along the path of designing your life great ideas can evolve which can add tremendous value to the world; so Robert designed a simple 4C’s action plan that will turn your passion into profit.

C1: Context

Context is everything and is also quite overwhelming at times. Start by asking yourself what do I want? What am I truly passionate about? Maybe you could start with a short wish list just to get things on paper. During this first stage our main goal is for you to define your ideal lifestyle, discover your passion and talent and then we can begin the journey. Remember, success is a journey there are really no short cuts only the right way and most definitely the wrong way. Upon defining your ideal lifestyle we then take things up a notch by discovering strategies on how to make that dream become a reality, without needing a genie in a bottle!

C2: Critical

Great, so you have discovered your passion and the strategies that you would like to take. However, exactly how unique are your ideas? Is this idea already in existence and if so how is it being done? There are tons of questions being asked on a daily basis when our participants get to this stage. No worries, C2 is the time to get down, dirty and critical with your thinking. This is time to do countless research and comparison analysis within your target market. It is our responsibility to ensure that you are able to provide great service and meet customer’s demand which is parallel to your goals and mission statement.

C3: Controlled

Planning, planning, planning some may hate it, some may love it but it is very important in building a successful business. Think about it, to move from point A to M we need a map, some sort of direction on how to get there it is just the same for your business; your dreams need a plan on how to manifest into a reality. At MnM institute during this phase our participants will reflect on their ideas and research and make decisions on what route to take and how to protect their interest. Now our participants are hitting third gear, however there are speed bumps and roadblocks which are possible along the way. This is where MnM Mentors are very helpful, so no worries. Our mentors will assist you along your journey sharing their expertise, supporting you through tough times, and celebrating your achievements.

C4: Communication

Let it be heard! Say it loud, Get the word out! During this phase it is time to network and connect with people to expand and express your vision. We teach you that passion is not everything, a little flexibility is needed. So get ready to blog, pitch and collaborate while making minor adjustments based on your market’s demand for a successful business.

So is your passion profitable? Are you willing to take that big idea and develop small habits into making that dream a reality? At MnM’s institute it only requires 4C’s to success; enough stumbling and pondering about your ideas and desires, it is possible to have a flexible lifestyle while creating a successful business you love. Take the necessary actions and remember living your dream is only 4C’s away.

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