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My project is in constant change. Like myself. I’m a chaotic person.
Yet still I manage always to produce something which makes sense.

I started a brand, last muse, which works with natural and mostly sustainable material. It’s inspired from spirituality and nature. Handmade products which are unique and individual as you and I. Each product has its authenticity in its own. My brand is part of a bigger project of mine which is currently in the making. Since I know handmade jewellery might be pretty but as an only income it’s really harder to live of it. I was starting an online shop, harvest and collect, which helps young designer to get on a bigger platform and reach out to more potential customer. It’s a mixture of Etsy and designer space, I hand select the designer and make sure they fit into the bohemian character and have the right quality etc. I offer them more exposure and in return I will get a commission of what ever they sell through my shop. Many of these designer are very creative and live a more or less hippie life and they don’t want to deal with websites or marketing or anything more business related. So I will offer them all these services. I work with web developer and photographers together. I’m thinking also to release an online magazine every quarter of he year to promote the best designer and bring everyone more followers etc. but that might be a future project.The website is still under construction. But it will be www.harvestcollect.com.au


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