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Flow Everyone’s a Genius and so are you! with Matt

Discover how to get into flow by igniting your Genius and learn what your natural path to wealth creation is. Albert Einstein said that if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree then it will go its entire life thinking it’s stupid. I’m here to show you that you really are a genius and how you can apply this knowledge as an entrepreneur and get into what I call “Flow” or what Taoist masters called “Wu Wei” the action of inaction or the doing without doing. Learn how to understand yourself better and how to apply this ancient knowledge to our ever-changing modern world. Understanding this knowledge will give you clarity on your direction as an entrepreneur. Your natural compass, In the age of information overload, what you don’t need is more information what you need is direction.
We will also explore the 9 levels of Wealth and it’s ancient origins. Understanding these levels will give you clarity on exactly where you are in the game of wealth just like a GPS system that shows you exactly where you are and gives you directions on how to get where you’re going. You will walk away from this presentation knowing who you are (giving you your natural direction) and where you are (so you know what to do next to get to the next level) you don’t need to know every step of the journey, just the right step right now.


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