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Our aim for generations of mnm’ers was and is to provide the support and a space where ideas become ventures, and also tackling the big issues …

Yes .. I do get excited and carried away with it when I am talking about finding your passion. Watch everything grow from one keynote and equip young people with the skills they need to create and manage their own and others employment.

I had a vision of being able to cut through the buzz and focus on what truly mattered for the end-user and now mnm has become a benchmark in entrepreneurial education and has surely made many in the sector rethink their approach.

Nurturing job creators by allowing not only self-education but far more importantly self exploration on how the individual may potentially turn their passion into a valued contribution to their community…. watching participants becoming courageous in the face of failure by chasing what sets their soul on fire.

Entrepreneurship – Marketing – Leadership – Management … all better understood by doing rather than studying about it without doing … vocational training is the way forward if we base it on 3 core innovation principles: Never trust a teacher | Find your passion | Don’t fake it, make it .. it’s about way more than just graduating and getting the diploma. It’s about the far more challenging and important goal of helping young people discover their passion and make it a reality. The program challenges participants to develop as professionals while taking them on ‘the road less travelled’ to follow their true passions.

What we have at mnm are subject matter experts, people with the lived entrepreneurial experience, developers and design folks and most importantly individuals with ideas, drive and ambition for change. All sticking their heads together. Not just to teach or be taught by having the student listen and get ready for examination but creating real opportunity for self orientated community lifestyle choices.

Blockchain is revolutionising the world and the manner in which companies run their day to day operations. The way our economies and supply chains work, the way we organise in markets and as human beings. The impact it is having and will have cannot be understated.

The idea of blockchain technology is not whether it will have an impact on the global economy and the way we do business but more of a question of when. In reaction to the demand of the largest companies exploring and adopting blockchain technology with collectively hundreds of billions already invested in Proof of Concept and blockchain innovation projects globally. The just-published statistics from Indeed.com indicate that, since last December, that number of blockchain jobs has increased by 207 percent. Even more dramatically, the number has increased 631 percent since November 2015.”

The goal for mnm is to simply support Australians to be skills and knowledge equipped for the impending boom in the market.

Even though demand for smart contract engineers and core blockchain engineers is through the roof, there are plenty of positions that are accessible for non-technical people.”  Among those that have been posted are positions for writers, traders, marketers, lawyers, business analysts, strategy and technology consultants, and tax and accounting experts. These people will need a core understanding on how to assess the use of the technology and implement it to make an impact or disrupt their industry sector.    

Bit Trade is Australia’s longest-running provider of digital currency trading services and co-founded Australia’s first and largest industry body ADCA, which has been instrumental in shaping and supporting the crypto and blockchain industry in Australia.

They were the first exchange in Australia to champion the anti-fraud standards used in the banking sector, which have now been adopted across the industry.

And now their idea to re-imagine the way we connect with blockchain asset investments and the premier gateway to this new world of investment arming us with the tools and information we need on our pathway for a better tomorrow fully aligns with mnm philosophy. We have the ideas and passionate individuals … they have the tools and expertise to make them happen.

As a progressive entrepreneurial vocational training provider, collaboration between Bit Trade and mnm institute to explore how to obtain strategic knowledge in how to utilise and assess the technology in our daily business operations or in some countries even provide the opportunities for the funding models of tomorrow to help turn our participants visions into reality It makes sense

Robert Schafer 

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