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Arnun Wattanaporn
“Early in 2013 Sydney was a city shaking with fresh vibes and it helped give rise to a new found coffee scene. It was a time where coffee shops were popping up all around Sydney. These business’s had no lack of passion and pushed the boundaries of the coffee market in the area. It also helped influence the art community and brought about a greater charm to the city. We had a dream that any passionate barista would have; to do what they love  and share that with those around them. As young passionate students who were working as part time baristas we realized that we must share this with our home (Bangkok).”

Using a background of hospitality management, entrepreneurial school mnm institute, a school project and everyday experience Arnun managed to create a business model. His aim is to create a coffee venue thats focus is to spread his and his brothers love for coffee. In 2014, they began seeking inspiration from successful coffee business around the globe.

Think Big, Start Small

Pro U, the first unit of mnm programs, allowed Arnun to take a step back and define his vision. He developed Kaizen Coffee Co as his project while at mnm and was able to open it in Bangkok in 2015 with only $7,000. Arnun’s coffee bar supports local businesses such as farms and roasters. It offers a true experience to customers who can watch the coffee making processes and learn about the produce in a community atmosphere. Arnun keeps them excited by constantly putting new creations on the menu and talking about these experimentations on his social media pages.

“I think it’s every passionate baristas goal to serve great coffee everyday while maintaining real interactions with the community. We’re sort of geeks as well, so we get to use that in our coffee making. It’s our chance to use a blend of science and art. We’re continually hunting to learn new things, explore and experiment. We aren’t shy to embark on new journeys. Good baristas share the ambition provide their city with a quality coffee venues and to usher in a new generation of passionate baristas and coffee drinkers. I wish to create a place where we can share this journey and our art with the other like-minded people. When we succeed we will have brought a new unique energy to our city, which is exciting.” Arnun WattanapornRAA_Eat_Kaizen-Coffe-co-19-e1464697801223

Why Kaizen?

“We named the business after the Japanese business strategic philosophy “KAIZEN”  which means “Change for the better” or continuous improvement. We took this philosophy to heart and and seek to improve everyday because the possibilities are endless. Our logo reflects this mindset, The infinite blue lines represents the path of professionalism, trust, power and loyalty of the Kaizen family.”


“We don’t just serve coffee. We believe its crucial to think big. Kaizen Coffee Co. wishes to be a corner stone of the Bangkok coffee scene and to cultivate a knowledge and passion in the consumer and young baristas.

The response from the market is amazing. Customers and industry experts keep praising Kaizen Coffee Co and are already featuring Arnun’s venture among the best coffee shops in Bangkok:

“…and while Kaizen is known for its excellent coffee, its food menu is insane—think everything from egg-based savory Australian-style sandwiches to a litany of pastry-case offenders. Kaizen is already a lynchpin in any Bangkok coffee tour, but expect it to only get better—kaizen, in Japanese, is a philosophy espousing the pursuit of continuous improvement.” Sprudge

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