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mARTina in the past 15 years has immersed her life style in Performing Arts. Living and breathing the artistic life in many different countries has provided experiences to develop, share and express creative and unique ways of communication. mARTina is from Italy and graduated in 2009 with a Bachelors in Science and Communication Technology. Her sunny, dynamic, full of life personality has presented amazing opportunities for her to network and evolve in her career. In the past year mARTina has been working on a variety of creative projects, running creative workshops for children and birthday parties. The passion for Performing Arts and a strong connection with people has inspired mARTina in developing an interesting and original spin on the entertainment and creative industry. Attracting a crowd , capturing their imagination and stimulating their creativity to leave a lasting impression. anyway mARTina is the business she has been working on for the last year at mnm institute, bringing backstage balance to productions as a stage manager and developing workshops to inspire and evoke the creative in all of us.

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