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Radka Sevcikova

Radka has always been interested in human body and psychology and how everything relates together. She studied homeopathy and with the help of mnm institute, she’s successfully started branding herself as a homeopath. When I was little, at home we always used natural things instead of going to a doctor. I was always interested in human body […]

Carmel Byrne

  Robert Schafer (founder and chairman of the mnm institute) interviews Carmel Byrne (founder of Scratch Art Space) – artist, gallery owner, workshop facilitator and a mnm institute participant… Enjoy their talk about art, business, entrepreneurship and find out, how our entrepreneurial program helped Carmel on her journey and why she, as an Australian, finds […]


Kirsty Belle is a solo artist from Scotland. Kirsty dreamt of being on the big stage performing since she was a small child and was renowned for her singing ability all throughout her teens, winning every singing competition and musical theatre role she entered. Sadly though she decided to leave her singing dream behind when she […]

JC Gares

Have a look in the kitchen of our participant JC and his tasty Lekker Tucker biltong business. He says: “There’s no limit to passions. Doesn’t matter what you do, if you do it well, people will like it.” Stay tuned Follow JC’s journey and become his fan on Facebook, follow him on Instagram and most importantly, order some yummy […]


Rodelyn was an exceptional mnm institute participant. She returned back to Philippines after she completed the course at mnm and is ready to create an impact on the local community through her business. We asked this young entrepreneur to share her thoughts in the Tagalog language. [template id=”1051″]

Berit Roos

We like to say that our participants graduate with more than just a diploma. It’s Berit’s case as well – she returned back home with a business plan and we have full confidence that she is ready to make it happen. [template id=”1051″]


mARTina in the past 15 years has immersed her life style in Performing Arts. Living and breathing the artistic life in many different countries has provided experiences to develop, share and express creative and unique ways of communication. mARTina is from Italy and graduated in 2009 with a Bachelors in Science and Communication Technology. Her […]

Arnun Wattanaporn

“Early in 2013 Sydney was a city shaking with fresh vibes and it helped give rise to a new found coffee scene. It was a time where coffee shops were popping up all around Sydney. These business’s had no lack of passion and pushed the boundaries of the coffee market in the area. It also […]


Flo is an Alpinist, Alpine Ambassador, Mountainpreneur born and raised in Austria. The son of a mountain guide and carpenter grew up climbing and skiing in the heart of the Alps and developed a strong love for the outdoors, nature and the alpine environment from his early childhood days. Born with a sense and love […]