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Carmel Byrne


Robert Schafer (founder and chairman of the mnm institute) interviews Carmel Byrne (founder of Scratch Art Space) – artist, gallery owner, workshop facilitator and a mnm institute participant…

Enjoy their talk about art, business, entrepreneurship and find out, how our entrepreneurial program helped Carmel on her journey and why she, as an Australian, finds it interesting to be surrounded by mostly international students at the mnm institute.

Carmel Byrne


Carmel Byrne is the Founder and Creative Director of Scratch Art Space, a long term project built in stages. The atelier education workshops are the third stage, designed to engage adults who feel the urge to do something creative but don’t quite know how to achieve that. Carmel has devised the most flexible program of workshops to make access as easy as possible for adults taking that tentative step toward giving themselves permission to pursue and explore the world of creativity.

Carmel’s main passion is to provide skills-based workshops through mindful practises that engage ‘the thinking hand’ process of making art. It’s the process and connection that is vital, not so much the outcome, however when working unselfconsciously under the guidance of generous, experienced artists, the outcomes can only improve over time.


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