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Radka has always been interested in human body and psychology and how everything relates together. She studied homeopathy and with the help of mnm institute, she’s successfully started branding herself as a homeopath.

When I was little, at home we always used natural things instead of going to a doctor. I was always interested in human body and eventually I studied homeopathy and fell in love with it.

Converting passion to business

Upon completing her homeopathy studies, Radka came to mnm institute with all the theory. Like a lot of our participants, she was looking for assistance with the business side of the filed she loves.

Being a homeopath, you don’t really have that sense of running a business, because you ‘just’ know how to treat people. mnm institute put me in the reality of what does it take to have a business and how to develop my own brand. I received lots of help and I felt I’m getting what I need, even more than I thought. It was really challenging and that’s a great thing because when you’re constantly challenged, you’re growing and you’re achieving what you want to achieve.

Next steps

Radka started her practice as the next step towards the vision of having her own homeopathy centre with other practitioners, homeopathy pharmacy and a seminar room in order to provide a full range of homeopathy and well-being services.

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