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Ingrida Valantiejutė

Meet our participant Ingrida and have a look at the art she’s wearing on her body with a nice meaning: “Those two birds represent me and my twin brother – we both grew up together and always help each other, when we needed. The other tattoo, a puzzle piece, means that my life isn’t complete […]


  InTheChair Guest Speaker is Arnun Wattanaporn – Founder of Kaizen Coffee Co and a former participant at mnm institute. Arnun has developed his love for coffee into an amazing brand Kaizen Coffee Co. His business has been operating for over a year and coffee enthusiasts in Bangkok know, that Kaizen is a place to go, if [...]


 I like the casual style – it’s easy to wear, easy to mix, and comfortable.  I’ve got plenty of pants and shirts… I just put a fur jacket and a metal belt on, and now  I feel like I have new clothes and new look again 🙂

Bolor ‘Crystal’ Jambaldorj

Casual style, that’s me 🙂I’m from Mongolia and I’m working on branding myself as a wedding planner. I want to bring something from our Mongolian culture into my business to let people experience a little bit of our unique style. Decoration and performance is going to be a combination between the Mongolian and conventional style. It’s pretty new in this […]

Sandra Kolendo

My style is called "preppy". It's slightly casual with a bit of luxury, however the look itself isn't really expensive and extravagant at all. When I dress up, the most important things is, that it makes me feel comfortable. Sandra Kolendo.   I'm a make up artist - I’ve even got a qualification in this field and now [...]

Radka Sevcikova

Radka has always been interested in human body and psychology and how everything relates together. She studied homeopathy and with the help of mnm institute, she’s successfully started branding herself as a homeopath. When I was little, at home we always used natural things instead of going to a doctor. I was always interested in human body […]

Carmel Byrne

  Robert Schafer (founder and chairman of the mnm institute) interviews Carmel Byrne (founder of Scratch Art Space) – artist, gallery owner, workshop facilitator and a mnm institute participant… Enjoy their talk about art, business, entrepreneurship and find out, how our entrepreneurial program helped Carmel on her journey and why she, as an Australian, finds […]