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mnm unlock – talks that make sense

Inspiring talks by mnm participants from all around the world organised by our participant Bruno Oliveira. Aside from Bruno, you will have the opportunity to enjoy talks by: Carolina Portugal, Plamen Ivanov, Avner Assouline and Thomaz Tartari. Across time and history, one thing that has always been present to all of human societies is the [...]

mnm unlock – pitch off

" Another term at mnm institute is about to finish and that means another mnm pitch off is coming up as part of the mnm unlock. Best mnm participants will be pitching their business ideas to our judges. Come to support them, get inspired and learn something new. Get your free ticket here: Powered by Eventbrite Check our other events [template id="1051"]

Cathlin Tälli

My tattoos don’t have specific meanings. However, the cross on my arm means courage, life, the feminine and strength. I always use this tattoo to cheer myself when I feel down. Another one on my leg I actually got when I was at high school. I just wanted to put it on my leg because […]

Matthieu Catuogno

Our participant Matthieu is a motorbike enthusiast and his style reflects that a bit as well – he prefers safe and practical casual clothing. His business idea is a huge one: “I would like to make sure there’s something left over on the planet for the next generations. I’m working on an electric generator to […]

Ingrida Valantiejutė

Meet our participant Ingrida and have a look at the art she’s wearing on her body with a nice meaning: “Those two birds represent me and my twin brother – we both grew up together and always help each other, when we needed. The other tattoo, a puzzle piece, means that my life isn’t complete […]


 I like the casual style – it’s easy to wear, easy to mix, and comfortable.  I’ve got plenty of pants and shirts… I just put a fur jacket and a metal belt on, and now  I feel like I have new clothes and new look again 🙂

Bolor ‘Crystal’ Jambaldorj

Casual style, that’s me 🙂I’m from Mongolia and I’m working on branding myself as a wedding planner. I want to bring something from our Mongolian culture into my business to let people experience a little bit of our unique style. Decoration and performance is going to be a combination between the Mongolian and conventional style. It’s pretty new in this […]

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