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 I like the casual style – it’s easy to wear, easy to mix, and comfortable.  I’ve got plenty of pants and shirts… I just put a fur jacket and a metal belt on, and now  I feel like I have new clothes and new look again 🙂

Bolor ‘Crystal’ Jambaldorj

Casual style, that’s me 🙂I’m from Mongolia and I’m working on branding myself as a wedding planner. I want to bring something from our Mongolian culture into my business to let people experience a little bit of our unique style. Decoration and performance is going to be a combination between the Mongolian and conventional style. It’s pretty new in this […]

Sandra Kolendo

My style is called "preppy". It's slightly casual with a bit of luxury, however the look itself isn't really expensive and extravagant at all. When I dress up, the most important things is, that it makes me feel comfortable. Sandra Kolendo.   I'm a make up artist - I’ve even got a qualification in this field and now [...]
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