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landingpage InTheChair with Mitchell Fillby Manging Director at First Rock Consuting

InTheChair events provide a platform for the sharing of exciting ideas that inspire and contribute to personal growth and the development of entrepreneurship. Bringing in experts in their respective fields with a focus on audience engagement the aim is to excite, entertain and evoke passion for new ideas and solving business and marketing problems.
Mitchell is an author, global speaker, publisher, journalist and serial entrepreneur.
He has an extensive and balanced career that encapsulates both the corporate and private sectors across a variety of vertical markets. He has worked at leading brands such as Canon, Xerox, Kodak and including a number of start-up’s and as a senior executive and board member of the US-based MPSA. In 2014 he launched his book R.I.P. Rest in print, that teaches CIO & CFO’s how to manage the challenges around digitization.

Today Mitchell runs a very successful consultancy business called First Rock Consulting, where he spends a lot of his time working with small business entrepreneurs and CXO’s from many of the large enterprise organizations to accelerate the process of commercialising innovation. To achieve this Mitchell has developed a practical approach that is framed in an agile innovation methodology that helps validate and test product and business model solutions, while at the same time reducing their exposure to financial risk. Mitchell will be speaking about his journey as an entrepreneur and why both enterprise organization and small businesses continue to struggle around commercializing innovation. He will be explaining what are some of the new practices that can be adopted to gain greater success for young entrepreneurs.

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