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InTheChair events provide a platform for the sharing of exciting ideas that inspire and contribute to personal growth and the development of entrepreneurship. Bringing in experts in their respective fields with a focus on audience engagement the aim is to excite, entertain and evoke passion for new ideas and solving business and marketing problems.

Elliot has run a number of business initiatives gravitating around new media and film including the launch of Australia’s biggest action sports film festival Yew.tv.In early 2015 Elliot joined the Pozible team as their dedicated project advisor, offering advice and support to creators at all stages of their campaigns. During his time as project advisor, Pozible saw its highest ever monthly success rate at 64%.

Since then Elliot has been promoted to General Manager at Pozible where he manages a small but dedicated team who are passionate about making ideas happen.

Pozible is an Australian born, global crowdfunding platform that specialises in all-or-nothing, reward based crowdfunding.

Learn from the pros + Pozible training + pitch your idea

Pozible: ‘We’ve put together the perfect event to educate & empower budding crowdfunding campaigners.’

The event will give you;

  • An in-depth understanding of how crowdfunding works
  • An understanding of the best things to communicate in your campaign
  • The best ways to market your crowdfunding campaign
  • Networks and advice from the people who’ve crowdfunded before
  • Confidence in your project and campaigning ability

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