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Kirsty Belle is a solo artist from Scotland.

Kirsty dreamt of being on the big stage performing since she was a small child and was renowned for her singing ability all throughout her teens, winning every singing competition and musical theatre role she entered. Sadly though she decided to leave her singing dream behind when she was knocked back and rejected in her quest for fame.


One more attempt

Kirsty worked in sales for 10 years after being rejected from her audition for Britain’s televised talent show, Pop Idol, in 2002. Proceeding this until in late 2013 when she entered a talent competition in Sydney, believing it to be her ‘last chance’ to prove to herself and to others that she did in fact have the talent to follow her dream once again. After several months of grueling heats she won that competition and immediately after handed in her notice and left her corporate job. Since then she has pursued her dream relentlessly and was lucky enough to be offered a scholarship at mnm institute. Kirsty now gigs in and around Sydney, in cocktail bars and restaurants, and most recently at a fashion show on Melbourne Cup Day and from that performance booked to sing on a harbour cruise for Success Woman Network’s corporate Christmas party. Her journey is only just beginning though. Her dream and vision to achieve worldwide phenomena and success to the same level as her idol Adele is what keeps Kirsty inspired and motivated daily to make exactly that happen. By the way, Kirsty sang the song we used in “the vibe at mnm institute” video.

The Progress – First single – “Can’t Believe It’s Over”

Kirsty shared with us a story about the release of her first single.

I co-wrote this song with one other person Elijah Provido who also produced it for me. I was introduced to Eli when I needed a guitarist and we done a fair few cover gigs together then decided we were sick of covering other artists and wanted to write original stuff together. I’ve written 4 or 5 with Eli but only 2 of them will be on my EP and the other 2 on my EP I wrote completely myself. The 4 track EP will be completed and released early 2017.”

From studio to the stage

“I have spent time in various different studios. Vienna People, Faceless Inc, studios 301, Everland Studios and Eli’s studio which is in his bedroom! Lol. But he is my favourite person to work with as he’s the only one that truly gets the sound and vibe I’m trying to achieve and the only one that’s been able to create that. I’m not going to have a single release show as I don’t see the point for 1 song. I’ll wait til my EP is done and then have a big show. I will be gigging again though from August 2016 onwards. Just acoustic cover gigs like I used to as I miss performing. I’m now under management of Fire Entertainment. An artist development, management and record label company and they are going to train me to a better songwriter, to have great stage presence, refine or completely change my image, introduce me to new producers, get me gigs and promote the hell out of me. So it’s all a work in progress but definitely a step in the right direction.”

My experience at mnm institute

“I couldn’t have and wouldn’t have done it without the help of Robert and the mnm course. I was depressed as hell working in a high pressured recruitment role before I joined mnm and Robert encouraged me to do the course after speaking to me and realising that singing was my passion and life long dream career. It was a massive leap for me as I had no self confidence in my singing ability at all at that point. With everyone there’s help, encouragement, support and networking with other likeminded creative souls on campus though I fully immersed myself in to the lifestyle and mindset of the singer I was supposed to be. I can’t thank Rob or the mnm course enough for that!”

Kirsty also sang the song we used in one of our videos:



 Another example of Kirsty’s exceptional talent:

Stay tuned

Follow Kirsty’s journey on her Facebook page.


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